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16 June, 2009

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12:59 AM

08 June, 2009

okay this blog has been dusty with cobwebs for almost a month heheh. back in sg for 1 week alr and work starts immediately since monday. june is such a busy month cos everyone from overseas are having summer holidays and good ol'friends like jess and nat are back! i really have no choice but to cramp all meetups in the weekends or at night after work.
in short, i've become nocturnal. like seriously i dont feel sleepy at all before 2 am-.- its a very bad habit that i'd really like to kick for some extra beauty sleep. its so weird that when we're in school we wish we were having holiday, and when we're holidaying we want to work & earn money. BUT during work i wish i had free time to go out with ppl. humans never get satisfied.
impromptu ladies night!

saturday was spent wholly with mr liew. watched angels&demons (very good!) at marina sq and dinnered at bugis after checking out the new shopping mall. its like so filled with random shops, but still rather empty. i think i wont patronise it much..except maybe to try the food and frozen yogurt there!
slacked at starbucks to rest our sore feet and shared a java chip(: the BHG closed sale was havoc! but we got good buys...2pairs of levis jeans for the mister and a $1.50 sheer black stockings for me lol i'm so proud of it.

oh and i got into banking&finance. i dunno what i feel now cos honestly i cant imagine myself in the future although i know its the most popular major in nbs. looking at the modules make me wanna vomit blood alr pls..i need to develop a passion for finance soon, otherwise i'll die a horrigible death next sem.

12:25 AM

17 May, 2009

new haircut!
sometimes i like it, sometimes i hate it. omg it's a love-hate affair as they say. oh well, my dad totally stunned when he saw me after work that day after i got it cut HAHAH. is it really that bad? okay lah, doesnt suit me..maybe i'll change it back to the old fringe once it grows back. or maybe not. arghh i dunno!D:

i'm slacking like nobody's business in jkt now, everyday its just me and the dvds. finished watching FlowerFour (korean version) and i'm moving on to 90210 and My Girl currently.
i know i said i wanted to swim/gym everyday in indo. BUT the pool is either too crowded or too dirty (ew) to properly swim in it. fortunately the gym's pretty quiet and conducive(: ran 2.4 km plus some stomach exercise so that it'll look like jessica alba's by the end of the month HAHAHAHA.
getting another wisdom tooth extracted this coming tuesday omgzzz.

6:33 PM

08 May, 2009

this holiday has been soooo great:D i've been a busy bee gg out with different ppl everyday and watching lan qiu huo (hotshot) on tom. no time to even update this rusty blog. hahha anw, massive camwhoring throughout the week and photoscape has been such a darling(:
1. our small little picnic under the moonlight at vivo's skypark. bought treats from candy empire and we played iTouch games till vivo closed. lol so blue that day! totally not planned okay.
2. karang guni with timon! woo we raised $950 bucks for the upcoming nbs camp! made travelling to hougang early in the morning and sweating it out under the scorching sun worth it(:
3. Peili + jojo + darryl's surprise birthday party:D very successful surprise party at hort park with a great turnout! we had an awesome time playing around with bubbles and straw hats and crazy jumping shots lol. i think i make a good planner(: HAHAH

4. another ladies night with the girls(: we totally hopped everywhere, went to arena and drank lychee maritinis, followed by attica for some vodka lime and then phutureee! it was crowded to the max until we cant even move. seriously just stand there:s crazy crazy night.
5. finally met up with yuanyu who just finished her finals. like finally! ahhahah anw, it was good meeting up:D talked and caught up with each other's lives and of course we did some harmless gossiping lol. her new haircut suits her totally! hahahha cute(:

2:15 AM

30 April, 2009

phuture with the girls ytd night and practically the whole nbs was there. freaking crowded urgh. but it was pretty fun:D bumped into timon seniors, some timon pppl, OB classmates, nelson, jojo etc etc. oh and phi! ahhaha keep running into her these days. rest of photos on facebook!
i'm gg off to timon bbq now with 4 hours of sleep:/
and i'm flying back to indo from 11-31 may! ticket booked and confirmed so yuanyu we MUST meet up straight after your exams alright!!

5:41 PM

26 April, 2009

slacking has never felt so gooooooOooood(: the excrutiating exam is finally finally over and i can only hope that i wont be too disappointed when the result is out. celebrated with the class at brewerks after some shopping w the girls before that and the day only ended at like 2 plus am hhahah. no pictures cos peili havent uploaded!

spent an entire saturday with don too after i dunoo how long. usually its just a short dinner or smth. watched 17 Again (t'was good!) and shopped and ate and people watch at orchard:D niceee. my favourite activities with my favourite person(:

so now sem 2 is over and done with, so that means its the end of year 1 too. really glad that i've survived though maybe barely scraping through:/ but at the same time its damn sad too that everyone will part after this. sigh i hate goodbyes.

hey lesbian partner! hahhah she's the first person that made an impact to me in the class, cos she recognised me from shooting:D hahhah how small is the world please. trainings in ntu will just suck without you next sem jo, omg who's gonna dine w me before training, rush down to canteen2 after that to see if they still have pancakes at 10 pm, etc? oh man the horrible thought.
yongseng, jeffrey, darryl, spencer:

smar-asses of the class! hahhah many many many thanks for always explaining concepts/tutorial/exam qns that i cannot do. esp spencer during the exam revision period! all of you are gonna be excellent investment bankers of tomorrow!! oh and enjoy USA huh yongseng and darryl! i hope there'll be lots of hot babes for you all to drool over there hahha.
OB + marketing group

the 2 best groups i've worked with so far:D efficient, chop2 style, fun and friendly! and together, we've really accomplished very very good results. thanks you all for pushing me to work harder and contribute more to the groups! will definitely miss those times we meet to discuss for ideas/ report/ presentations etc cos its really from those sessions that we got to get to know each other better and bond!
last but not least

you know people say its really rare that one can find close friends in uni, but you 2 have really been just that. thanks for always being there, be it studying, shopping, gossiping, birthdays, etc etc! even if we go into different majors next sem, lets still meet up every now and then, chill at coffee bean, camwhore and gossip okay girls? LOVE YOU TWO MUCH!

okay, time to pamper myself silly and lose some weight! 3 months holiday here i come!:D

8:27 PM

29 March, 2009

before i go full swing into study/mugger mode, some updates!
loving my saturdays(: studied for stats quiz with don at holland v today and covered 2 lecture notes. thanks for accompanying me love:D he was so bored reading a book, fell asleep and drooled HAHAH. okay maybe i shouldnt have disclosed that. anyhow, greatly appreciated.
tagged along for mass with his mom at novena in the evening and dinner with the shooters after at city hall. clarence ate 2 main courses omg crazy boy. oooh had desserts at canele and 5 of us shared 3 different types of chocolate cakes super sinfull:s i can feel my stomach and arms expanding but Le Royale is freaking good!
i heart black&white photos, they look so vintage and old school hahahha.

hahhha yongseng's emo specs. i think i look the worst:/ gonna look like that for real soon omg.

last day of work tmr and i'll be all set to start chionging for exam. i really need to do well this time to compensate for last sem's horrigible gpa. sigh..and how i wish ntu have 1 week study break before the exams. like omg la, so many things to clear before the end of nex week. stats quiz, french presentation, commfunds writing assessment, mktg indiv report, commfunds 2nd oral assessment..i'm disgusted just looking at it seriously.
ok late nights here i come!

12:00 AM